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 Create your Australia expansion strategy in 6 weeks
 Access support from vetted service providers
 Get connected to investors, mentors and potential clients

100% free. Funded by City of Sydney.

Welcome Address to SLP 2020 Cohort

Councillor Robert Kok, City of Sydney
Deputy Chair of the Economic Development and Business

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Sydney Landing Pad Virtual Expo 2020

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Meet the 12 high-growth tech companies that are expanding into Australia as part of the 2020 cohort.

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How the program works

 The Sydney Landing Pad is designed to support high-growth companies expand into the Australian market. Get access to our virtual market education platform and partner network to create your first market-entry hypothesis and build out your Australia business network.

Access our virtual modules & forum 

Get access to our online LMS that includes video modules, assignments and the opportunity to network with peers, mentors and service provider.

The more work you put in, the more services and support become available to you.

Support: educational modules


Get support from vetted service providers  

As you progress through the program, you'll gain access to our database of vetted service providers.

Book complimentary 1-on-1 sessions with accountants, lawyers, immigration agents, recruiters, marketers and more.

Support: free consultations

Connect with industry insiders 

Connect to our mentor network across Australia, which includes government representatives, investors, people from your industry and consultants.

  Support: connections, insights, advice


Meet some of our alumni

Ambit’s platform enables clients to design, build, integrate and analyse “digital employees”, or chatbots. It enables businesses to complete their projects faster and more efficiently—a 12-month project can be shortened to a span of four to eight weeks. Having recently raised NZ$1.75 million and now based in Sydney’s Haymarket HQ, it now looks to grow globally.

"The SLP was very helpful and insightful. It was a good grounding for us in Sydney and the introductions and events allowed us to meet many important people, including the Lord Mayor of Sydney." - Josh Comrie, CEO & Co-Founder


RedDoorz is one of Southeast Asia’s leading budget hotel online booking platforms. The company operates in more than 50 cities across Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam and targets Southeast Asia’s $52 billion travel market, with over 1,000 properties and servicing over 700,000 stayed-rooms nights thus far in the region.


Short for 'Singapore Move,' Smove was established in 2013 to improve the way we move.  Its mission is to bring shared mobility to cities suffering from congestion and unreliable public transport systems. Today, it is Singapore's largest car-sharing service, with a growing Australian team headquartered at Haymarket HQ. It is currently expanding its Australian presence.




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New Zealand








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Here's what you'll get out of the program 

  A market-entry strategy for Australia
Have your Australia Canvas ready in 6 weeks. Your canvas details how you plan to expand into Australia and offers a hypothesis to test and develop over time. 

   A network of mentors and service providers
Work with vetted service providers that understand tech. and mentors that understand your industry.  

  An office in the city of Sydney
Eligible companies gain access to up to 90 days of free coworking space. 24/7 access, 365 days a year. Subject to COVID-19 guidelines.

The Australia Canvas, your one-page market-entry strategy.

Thinking of expanding into Australia? Get our free guide.

Up-to-date information on government support and grants, business programs, trade databases, investors, accelerators and more.

Who is this program for? 

SMEs and Scale-ups  

Established companies, SMEs and scale-ups will gain the most value of this program. This program is not suited to early-stage startups.

Sales, R&D, APAC HQ 

 Whether you're looking to sell your products in Australia, relocate part of your R&D, or set up your APAC HQ, this program is for you.

Entrepreneurs or managers 

You don't have to be the company founder to join the program. We do ask you send someone from your management team. 

Non-Australian companies

This program is designed for foreign companies entering Australia. Please do not apply if your HQ is in Australia.  

Advisory Board

Terry Hilsberg
Innohub Capital
General Partner

Nashid Chowdhury
City of Sydney

International Engagement Manager

Matthew Proft
Jobs for NSW
Client Engagement Manager

Duco van Breemen
Haymarket HQ
General Manager

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Is this program 100% virtual?

Yes and no. The program is predominantly virtual with optional offline components such as coworking space.

Is this a government program?

No. The program is developed by Haymarket HQ and sponsored by City of Sydney.

Who should I contact to know more?

For any questions, email 

Will you help fund accommodation and living costs?

No. The program and optional coworking space (if eligible) are free for all participants but all other expenses such as flights and accommodation are to be covered by the participants. 

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